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Dear brothers and sisters,

This coming weekend we will celebrate Troitsa – Trinity-Pentecost – with vespers at 16:30 on Saturday and the Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning at 11:00.

Again, I would like to remind you that Sunday morning confession time will be challenging, given our late entrance into St John’s and there only being one priest celebrating. So, may I ask those who are able to confess on Friday and Saturday to ensure they do so.

It will be a great help if people are able to confess at Newman Hall on Friday. I will be there arranging the packing and ‘exodus of some of our parish articles, so this will be a good time. There will be time for confessions after Saturday vespers, but this will not be on an appointment basis.

As it is Pentecost, we will be also celebrating vespers on Sunday afternoon, and you are invited to bring a picnic lunch to eat between Liturgy and vespers.

Remember, this is a special form of vespers on Troitsa, with ancient prayers by the Holy Fathers beseeching the Lord to send the gift of the Holy Spirit interpolated between the litanies of the service.

You may wish to bring something to cushion your knees during the Pentecost kneeling prayers, as the parquet floor of St John’s is quite unforgiving.

It is customary to hold birch, greenery and flowers on this day, and I have asked Deacon Mark to coordinate this via the sisterhood page. It would be lovely to see St John’s ‘greened’ for the feast. If you are able to help with greenery and flowers, please contact Deacon Mark:

To request confessions on Friday, please email me – – indicating the time of day you will be able to attend. Please do so as soon as possible, and by Wednesday night at the latest.

For Sunday confessions, please email me by Friday. It may not be possible to confess everyone before Liturgy, and you may have to confess and commune after the service, if numbers make this necessary.

Thank you to those who have already requested Sunday confessions.

In Christ – Hieromonk Mark

Троица – парадигма человеческой личности

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