Dear brothers and sisters,

This is a reminder that the service at tea-time today will be vespers, rather than compline. Confessions will be heard after the service, and I must thank all who visited the chaplaincy for confessions, yesterday. Confessing so many parishioners throughout the day was extremely helpful, given the busyness of this festal weekend.

There are a fair number of confessions tomorrow, and only one priest, so may we encourage you to be well-prepared as time will be a pressure for us. As already said, it may not be possible to confess everyone before Liturgy, and some worshippers may need to be confessed and communed at the end of Liturgy.
The variables may be found at Orthodox Austin:
Tomorrow’s Liturgy:
Tomorrow’s ‘Kneeling Service’:
I previously encouraged worshippers to bring a picnic lunch to eat (outside) between Liturgy and the Kneeling Service (Vespers), tomorrow. The present forecast is for a dry spell at lunchtime, even though we may not see the sun. I hope that we might ensure some garden chairs are available for our older parishioners.
May God bless you all.
In Christ – Fr Mark
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