Welcome to the website of the Russian Orthodox Church Parish of the Kazan Icon of The Mother of God in Cardiff. 

On this site you will find information about our services, contact details of the clergy, how to find us and latest news from the parish.

Our services are held in a mixture of English and Church Slavonic (the liturgical language of the Russian Orthodox Church).

27/07/2020 Important News – Resuming Public Services

Please be aware that the clergy have celebrated the Divine Liturgy and other liturgical services every week during lockdown and will continue to do so as they prepare for the resumption of public worship.

Although public worship is now possible with social distancing measures in place, we have yet to return to the celebration of public liturgies in our parish as the University Church remains closed until further notice. Liturgies have been celebrated in the Little Oratory, but it is not possible to celebrate public services there, due to its diminutive size.

In the meantime, we are exploring other possible worship settings, including Newman Hall, and hope that over the next few weeks those confessing and receiving Holy Communion will do so at Liturgy. This will help us establish the capacity of our worship-space before we begin public celebrations of the Divine Liturgy. The clergy will discuss plans with His Grace, Bishop Irenei, when they meet him in the next few weeks, seeking his blessing for proposed liturgical plans.

When this is possible the numbers of worshippers within the building will have to be limited, though there is ample space outside. In order to comply with the obligations placed upon our Oratorian hosts by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, and out of respect for the residents of Newman Hall, we will have special measures in place.

It is only by following agreed procedures that we will be able to worship at the chaplaincy, in which we are guests. We must respect our hosts and be mindful of the residents at all times.

click here to download a copy of the Covid-19 risk assessment

Those wishing to confess and commune each week should contact a member of the clergy.

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