Our Return to Nazareth House

Dear brothers and sisters,

After clarifying a few issues regarding access to the convent church, this afternoon happily saw the movement of things needed for Liturgy from St John’s to Nazareth House, so confessions were not heard as they usually would be on Friday – though this will continue in future weeks.

Many thanks to Norman, Georgina and Alexander for their labours, and to Sisters Aquinas and Marie for welcoming us back to our former parish-home –Nazareth House, Colum Rd, Cardiff CF10 3UN – where access to the church if through the street door and up the stairs. Those needing to use the lift should liaise with Deacon Mark, and should be aware that masks must be worn when accessing the church through the ground floor of the care home.

As I have to travel home on public transport tomorrow (which is always something of a lottery) we will simply set up church for Liturgy and I will hear confessions before an uncertain homeward journey. So, there will unfortunately be no evening service tomorrow, even though it is the eve of a Great Feast. However, we shall resume afternoon services in future weeks, though this will be earlier than previously, as I am no longer staying on site and we must vacate the church by 19:00.

I have emailed those who have asked for confessions tomorrow, and must stress that this Sunday morning will be extremely pressurised regarding remaining confessions, so I will only be able to hear confessions for those who have prepared for communion, and these will be limited to five minutes. This is less of a problem when we have a second priest, but that is the exception.

We have advertised 10:30 as the time for Liturgy, but as we are resuming in a slightly unknown situation we must be honest in saying that this is something of a “guesstimation”. Please be patient whilst we find what works best.

This Sunday is the feast of the Entrance of the Mother of God into the Temple, and the variables for the service may be found at:


We look forward to celebrating our first Liturgy on such a special weekend.

In Christ – Hieromonk Mark

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