The Feast of the Royal-Martyrs

“Why was Tsar Nicholas II persecuted, slandered and killed? Because he was Tsar, Tsar by the Grace of God. He was the bearer and incarnation of the Orthodox world view that the Tsar is the servant of God, the Anointed of God, and that to Him he must give an account for the people entrusted to him by destiny, for all his deeds and actions, not only those done personally, but also as Tsar. . . Thus did the Orthodox Russian people believe, thus has the Orthodox Church taught, and this did Tsar Nicholas acknowledge and sense. He was thoroughly penetrated by this awareness; he viewed his bearing of the Imperial crown as a service to God. He kept this in mind during all his important decisions, during all the responsible questions that arose. This is why he was so firm and unwavering in those questions about which he was convinced that such was the will of God; he stood firmly for that which seemed to him necessary for the good of the realm of which he was head.”

Saint John the Wonderworker (1896-1966)

In the early hours of this morning, in 1918, the blood-lust of the God-hating Soviets ended three centuries of Romanov Russia and Byzantine-Orthodox monarchy. However, the frenzied and satanic violence of Yakov Yurovsky and his henchmen gifted the Orthodox faithful heavenly intercessors, who already held the Kingdom of Heaven to be worth more than any earthly realm as they embraced their personal Golgotha.  In the Tsar’s own words,

“I have a premonition. I have the certainty that I am destined for terrible trials, but I will not receive a reward for them in this world… Perhaps there must be a victim in expiation in order to save Russia. I will be this victim. May God’s will be done!”

As we celebrate the feast of the Royal Martyrs, we send our congratulations and greetings to our brothers and sisters of the cathedral parish, who celebrate the altar-feast of the lower church today.

Greetings also to our parishioners and the many friends of our parish, as we remember our heavenly intercessors: the Tsar-Martyr, Nicholas, the Tsarevich Alexei, the Tsarina Aleaxandra, and the Grand-Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Marie and Anastasia.

We especially send our greetings to Subdeacon Alexander, who will be ordained to the sacred diaconate, this morning.

Поздравление в день памяти Царственных Мучеников!

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