The Feast of St Nicholas the Wonderworker

Dear brothers and sisters, 

Although we are now into the new Church day, I nevertheless send you all belated greetings for the feast of St Nicholas the Wonderworker. 

We had the pleasure of congratulating the three youngsters at Liturgy named for St Nicholas, with the added pleasure of congratulating Nicholas from Hereford – usually one of Fr Spyridon’s flock – on his tenth birthday. Many years was sung for the local Nicholases, as well as for Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan, Subdeacon Nicholas (in Chiswick) and Reader Nicholas (in Jordanville). We pray that God may grant them all many, blessed years. 

It was an especially busy day for us with a tight schedule, following confessions for our worshippers from England, after confessions on Friday and Saturday, and a wonderful number of communicants at Liturgy. 

Our joyful celebration was made even more special by the afternoon baptism of baby Adam-Daniel, supported by his godparents, Mircea-Cristian and Elzbieta. 

We thank everyone for their patience, including Adam-Daniel’s family, as the order for the making of a catechumen happened in one part of the church whilst trapeza happened in another, before some of our parishioners and the baptismal party came together in the nave. 

We congratulate Adam’s parents, Mateusz and Katarzyna, and their family on the baptism of their son, and I would like to thank parishioners who remained to be part of the baptism, singing, and congratulating Adam-Daniel’s family and godparents on this wonderful occasion. We look forward to his first communion, next Sunday, when he will celebrate his first name-day, being the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers of Christ. 

I was sorry not to be able to chat with parishioners after Liturgy, as I remained occupied until after the baptism when I finally managed to sit down for a few minutes with our deacon and starosta – buoyed by the joy of the feast.  

We know that with our students away, parishioners heading to Russia and Ukraine, and many parishioners busy with celebrations with British spouses and families, next Sunday’s Liturgy will be considerably quieter, but I look forward to spending time with parishioners, and also celebrating a moleben to St Spyridon the Wonderworker, whose feast falls on Saturday. 

May God bless you all. 

In Christ – Hieromonk Mark 


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