Clarification regarding suspension and on-line prayers

Dear brothers and sisters,

After some confusion regarding the suspension of clerics, and their subsequent activities, it seems necessary to clarify the situation.

A cleric who is suspended is banned for all ministry in whatever rank of the clerical order they occupy.

If they serve under this suspension, this disobedience is a sin, and one in which the faithful must not participate.

It does not matter whether a banned cleric serves in a temple or private space, with broadcast and inclusion of others on-line via social media. Not being physically present, but taking part on-line, makes no difference. A ban is a ban, and no faithful of our parishes may have any liturgical interaction with a banned cleric.

This is very difficult, as some of our faithful now feel very isolated, having been accustomed to on-line akathist hymns, memorial services and molebny, that have preserved parish life, and have been a great consolation during lockdown and the uncertainty of the last year and a half.

However, for rebellion against the order and peace of the Church, for creating discord and division, clergy in Colchester and Cheltenham are suspended.

The faithful may not pray with them if they are disobeying the suspension, and their suspensions may only be lifted by His Grace, Bishop Irenei.

Let us all pray for peace and reconciliation, and let us be careful in not being drawn into the rebellion that has occured.

Spasi Gospodi – Fr Mark

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