A Triple Baptism at St Nicholas-in-the-Vale

Our heartfelt congratulations go the newly-enlightened servants of God Mary, Brigid and Patrick, who received the Holy Mysteries of baptism and chrismation this afternoon at the Old Church Hall in St Nicholas-in-the-Vale.

Though we completed the service in the house, in Menna’s little oratory, the rain didn’t dampen our spirits during the exorcism prayers, the consecration of the baptismal waters, the blessing of the oil of the catechumens and their anointing, and the baptism and chrismation, which were performed outside.

The last service celebrated in the oratory was before the Wonderworking Kursk-Root icon of the Mother of God, and our neophytes appreciated this blessing from the Theotokos.

It was the first multiple baptism that we have celebrated in the parish, and we were so happy that there should be such a strong bond of love and friendship between those who received this Holy Mystery together, supporting one another in the close bonds of a Christian parish family.

With all three of those baptised, it has felt like we have always known them, though Patrick (Dan) was the only we already knew! They all came hungry for the Truth and the uncompromising fulness of Orthodox Tradition, and have been steadfast in this.

We rejoice that they will be able to participate in the fulness of our Paschal celebrations, with the added joy of Pascha being the first anniversary of George’s baptism.

We look forward to their churching before tomorrow’s Liturgy, and their communing of the Holy Mysteries of the Lord’s Body and Blood.

Many thanks to our Senior Sister Melangell for welcoming us to her home once again. We have now celebrated five baptisms there.

We pray for the Lord to grant the newly-enlightened many, blessed years!

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