Confessions This Week

Dear brothers and sisters,

As we prepare for the coming Nativity of the Lord, we face quite a challenge with confessions as I will now be serving with only Deacon Mark, and will subsequently have to hear all of the confessions of those communing on Saturday and Sunday.

There have already been a significant number of requests for confessions on Friday, and in an effort to ease what may be a very challenging evening, I have already emailed those living locally (who have made requests) to ask if they are able to confess on Thursday.

This would ease the pressure, especially as we have people who live some distance from Cardiff requiring confession.

Given the maximum number of those who may require the Holy Mystery, it may not be possible to additionally confess all who confessed last Sunday, and who largely confess on a weekly basis.

Should this be the case, those who confessed last week are blessed to additionally receive Holy Communion on the coming weekend of the Lord’s Nativity, unless there is a pressing need for confession.

Once I know how many of this week’s requests can confess on Thursday, there may be some free time, then.

Friday could be extremely pressurised and stressful, so I would like to mitigate this, as far possible.

Those confessing, whether on Friday, Saturday or Sunday should be prepared and ready, knowing what they have  to say/confess, and be aware of others waiting their turn for confession.

Whilst the situation is far from ideal, this is unavoidable and we all need to work together to make things work.

In Christ – Fr Mark

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