Activities over the next few days

Dear brothers and sisters,

We were greatly blessed to make a local pilgrimage to the Oratorian Church yesterday, serving a moleben before the shrine and relics of St Alban, before venerating a portion of the relics and having refreshments in the parish hall. We are grateful to the Oratorians for their limitless generosity, making this and so many other activities possible.

We look forward to our Divine Liturgy for the Nativity of St John the Forerunner, on Thursday, when we will serve the Liturgy in the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Butetown, at 10:30. Those attending are invited to bring refreshments to share after the Liturgy, with fish, wine and oil being permitted for the feast.

On Friday, our catechesis, our group will meet in the parish room at St Mary, Butetown, at 19:00, continuing our study of the Holy Mysteries.

Confessions will also be heard before catechesis, and those requiring confession (unless already discussed) are asked to email me as soon as possible and no longer than Thursday lunchtime (14:00) –

I would like to take this opportunity to tell parishioners that, despite being told that we would be able to return to the chapel of Nazareth House imminently, sadly, there has been NO answer to the invited email requesting this. I have discussed the matter with the Oratorian Fathers, as chaplains to the house, and will be exploring an alternative channel of communication.

Those of you who have been at Liturgy over the past few weeks will be aware of the unsociable behaviour of certain locals who have taken advantage of the goodwill and generosity of the parish, not only behaving in a threatening way that has worried and alarmed our parishioners, but also raising serious concerns surrounding security and safeguarding.

Also, there have been problems with smoking (by these individuals) in the church porch during the Liturgy, and parishioners are feeling increasingly uncomfortable entering and exiting church.

Given that our parish has children and vulnerable adults and, following recent problems surrounding the fabric of a building that is NOT ours, we must consider the well-being of our parishioners, the security of the church, and the security of the Liturgy, itself.

We ask that parishioners arrive for the Liturgy on time, as the church doors will be closed early in the Liturgy, and parishioners arriving late may have to wait for the door to be answered to gain access.

Parishioners are beginning to feel threatened in church, and we must do everything possible to make everyone feel safe and secure. This means taking measures that we would not usually wish to take, or even envisage.

The Sunday Hours commence at 11:00, fillowed by the Divine Liturgy and I pray that we will have a quiet celebration without disruption.

May God bless you all!

In Christ – Fr Mark

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