Today in Warminster

Today brought the blessing of finally being able to celebrate a local Divine Liturgy beyond the Severn with our parishioners living in the South and West of England.

Though we were few in number, the Liturgy, brought together parishioners from Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset.
Not everyone was able to be with us, due to work, illness and other pre-arranged duties, but the few of us who gathered in the Chapel of St Lawrence, in Warminster, were touched by the peace and spiritual warmth of our Liturgy.

We look forward to sharing our next Liturgy with those who were unable to be with us today, and by then, we will have taken some of our many icons from Cardiff to adorn the interior of the chapel, where we have been welcomed with incredible warmth and hospitality. We also look forward to welcoming brothers and sisters who live in Cardiff and its environs.
Being pastorally open to those who will hopefully discover us over the coming months, we will endeavour to reflect the identity of the worshipping community, but our Wessex mission will primarily have services in English, seeking to build upon the legacy of the ancient saints of Wessex, among whom we look to St Aldhelm and St Birinus with special devotion.

Celebrating our first Liturgy in Warminster on a memorial Saturday was an occasion for reflection upon the part that past generations have played in loving and preserving the places in which we pray as pilgrims, serve the Liturgy and encounter Christ in the Holy Mysteries.

This includes our new home, the Chapel of St Lawrence, which was bought by the people of Warminster in 1575 as an extra diocesan place of worship, outside the jurisdiction of the bishop of Salisbury. This lovely, peaceful sanctuary is made available to the wider Christian community by the feoffees, who hold the chapel in trust on behalf of the people of the town.

We are extremely grateful to the chair of the feoffees, who has gone above and beyond duty in the proactive welcome offered to our little community, and the practical support and assistance that we have received over the last few weeks. We were so glad that he and the retired rector of Shepton Mallet, the Revd Liz Smith were able to be with us, and share a cup of tea before the litia for the departed with the blessing of kolyva, and a leisurely lunch.
Many thanks to our local parishioners for hospitality, singing, reading, cooking, baking and kolyva making!  We will gather for our end of month evening service aboard Porphyrios’s narrow-boat on Monday 25 March, and look forward to our next Liturgy on Saturday 13 April, which will again be a memorial Saturday.

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