The Death of Her Majesty the Queen

With the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we pray for the soul of the departed Sovereign and for her family, that the Lord may comfort them at this time of sadness and loss.

Regardless of our views of the institution of monarchy and of our individual political persuasions, we must surely agree that her late Majesty’s example was selfless and inspirational.

Her life was one of service, dedicated to the nation and commonwealth, and her death will be mourned throughout the world.

In times when we have seen such poor political leadership, Queen Elizabeth showed how leadership should operate, with a profound sense of duty, of moral and spiritual strength, and responsibility before God, having made her coronation vows as a woman shaped by duty and faith.

For many of us, Queen Elizabeth has been a symbol of the nation for our whole lives, but we now pass into the reign of His Majesty, King Charles III, and pray for the Lord to give him strength for the duties that now fall upon his shoulders.

May our All-Merciful God remember Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in His Kingdom.

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