Thanks, Reminders and Birthday Greetings!

Dear brothers and sisters, It was good to have a well-attended study group in Nazareth House last night, continuing our discussion on prayer, and our next meeting will be in two weeks’ time on Friday 4th August at 19:00 when we will meet in Nazareth House, once again.
As few parishioners were free during the day-time today, we will belatedly celebrate the summer feast of the Kazan Icon this coming Sunday, 10/23 July.

For anyone wishing to join in the Lord’s Prayer – Gweddi’r Arglwydd – in Welsh there will be print outs for use in the Liturgy. Please ask our senior sister, Melangell (Menna), who is usually at the back of the church during Liturgy.

Next Friday will be the feast of the Holy Equal to the Apostles, St Vladimir, and we will celebrate the Divine Liturgy in Nazareth House at 11:00.Thanks to the three young brothers of the parish who chanted the canon in honour of the Kazan Icon in the late afternoon, showing that they are not only confident, but also proficient and competent in leading parish worship.Just to remind you all. There are no confessions or celebration of vespers tomorrow, as I will not only be preparing for Walsingham, but will also be exiled beyond the River Loughor by the obstacle of the latest train strike.

I am greatly looking forward to serving in Walsingham with a group of parish pilgrims, of whom four are visiting ‘England’s Nazareth’ for the first time. We hope to be joined by Fr Mark Tattum-Smith and Matushka Katy-Elizabeth from Mettingham, and having time with our great friend Mother Melangell and some of the local faithful whom we look forward to seeing on our visits throughout the year.

The seasoned pilgrims amongst the group are eager to introduce parish brothers and sisters to what was the most important pilgrimage-place and shrine in pre-reformation England and hope that they will become enthusiastic supporters of the Orthodox presence in Walsingham.

As I will be a considerable distance from all but the parishioners with me, please only contact me with requests for prayers/intercessions and confessions next week, and in case of emergencies, please contact Fr Luke, whose contact details are to be found on our parish web-page:

With a few arranged exceptions, I will hear confessions on Saturday afternoon before and after Great Vespers, which will be celebrated at 17:00.

Finally, congratulations and best wishes to our parish twins, Stefan and Tara, who are thirteen today, and good strength to Branka as she faces domestic life with two teenagers!

Happy Birthday Stefan and Tara. May God grant you many, blessed years!
In Christ – Hieromonk Mark

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