Greetings on St David’s Day and Greeting the Kursk-Root Icon

Dear brothers and sisters, 

As we celebrate St David’s day according to the Orthodox calendar, I greet you all with the feast, wishing you every joy, praying for God to bless you in fulfilling the saint’s words: ‘Be joyful, keep the faith, and do the little things…’ 

It is in doing the seemingly little things that we remain steadfast in our faith and are then able to do the big things.

Real Christianity is not an impressionistic picture painted in approximate, broad and wide brush strokes, but one in which our faith is realised in the small details of living the Gospel in our daily lives, in our families and communities.  

This doesn’t mean that there is necessarily something warm and cosey about these little things, as they often challenge us precisely because they are not vague, but exact, close-up and discernible – in action and in omission!  

Common parlance likes to say that ‘the devil is in the details’. Maybe, but so too is FAITH, and St David knew that. 

Gwnewch y pethau bychain! 

This Friday will see the arrival of the wonderworking Kursk-Root icon in Cardiff, and it will be greeted at St John’s Church in Canton for a moleben with the akathist at 19:00.  

We ask the faithful to be ready and waiting and not to be late. Treat the reception as the meeting of the Mother of God, who blesses us with the visit of her icon, through which the faithful have been consoled and healed since it was discovered amongst the oaks of Kursk in 1259. The moleben should commence at 19:00, so please try be in church by 18:45.

Church set-up will be from 18:00, and Father Luke will be there, which may allow time for some confessions before the greeting of the icon. 

After the moleben and veneration, the icon will proceed to Cheltenham for a service on Saturday, and then to Telford. 

Given the travels of the clergy, the only opportunity for confession with me will be during the day on Thursday on the way to London, so I need to receive confession requests NOW

I also ask that confessions are precise and succinct, as Deacon Mark and I have to go to London on Thursday, to allow an early departure from London on Friday. This is also true of Sunday confessions now that we are celebrating the Liturgy of St Basil and cannot stall service times. This is the only opportunity in the week for those travelling from England, and we need to be able to fit in as many confessions as possible.

Contrary to what was said in church, I need confession requests for by TOMORROW night: 

With love in Christ – Hieromonk Mark 

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