Chapel Improvements in Llanelli

All is busy in Llanelli, where Father Luke, son-in-law Simeon, and Simeon’s brother Raphael have been flooring the pritvor of the garden chapel.

In it’s first incarnation in the mid 90’s, a small chapel dedicated to St David and St Nicholas was created using a little summer house with a verandah, but over the years it has grown in height, width and length, with little (if any) of the original structure surviving.

Reader services had originally been celebrated in the home icon-corner, but Father Luke’s ordination brought the need for a small sanctuary, where Liturgy could be celebrated.

In the years since, during which the chapel has grown, the whole round of Orthodox services, fasts and feasts have been celebrated, as well as baptisms and weddings, and the garden chapel has welcomed the Kursk-Root icon of the Mother of God.

In its garden setting, the homely little chapel has been very popular with everyone, especially those from rural Russia, Ukraine and Romania.

We now look forward to the completion of the icons of the Saviour and Mother of God, which are being painted for the ikonostasis. Watch this space!

In the meantime, Chi-Chi greatly resents her peace and quiet being shattered by men with saws and hammers! Feline old age is meant to be all about sleeping, forgetfulness and treats.

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