Liturgy on Sunday: St Spyridon’s Day

Dear brothers and sisters,
Sister Anna has contacted me to say that this Sunday the residents’ mass will be half an hour later, starting at 10:00. It is, of course, a very busy morning for the Oratorian Fathers, who need to fit in extra masses elsewhere.
This means that the church will not be free until around 10:30, so we will celebrate the Liturgy at 11:00, with the Third and Sixth Hours having already being read during the proskomedia.
Ironically, with the early reading of the Hours, we will start Liturgy earlier than we have for the last few weeks back in Nazareth House!
Please remain at the back of the church until the residents have left.
I know that there will be very few of us, so please don’t be shy and vanish into the depths of the church, but come towards the front during Liturgy.
May God bless you all.
Fr Mark
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