Holy Week and Pascha in Cardiff

Dear brothers and sisters,

Please see the following times for Holy Week and Pacha services, noting that Wednesday-Friday will be in Nazareth House, Pascha night in St John’s, and the back to Nazareth House for Paschal Vespers on Sunday afternoon.

Given ongoing leg-problems, I will sadly not be celebrating the Vesperal Liturgy of Holy Saturday.

I hope that parishioners will take full advantage of the chance to confess on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so that Saturday night confessions may be reserved for those travelling from afar.

All approaching the Mystery of Holy Unction (Orthodox Christians above the age of seven years), must make their confession as part of the preparation for this Holy Mystery.

May God bless you all.

Hieromonk Mark

Wednesday: Holy Unction at 19:00

There will be the opportunity for confessions before the service from 17:00, and all partaking of the Mystery of Holy Unction should have made a recent confession.

Thursday: Vesperal Divine Liturgy of St Basil at 11:00 

Holy Friday Matins (12 Gospels) at 19:00 confessions before and after the service.

Friday: The Burial Service of the Lord (Vespers) 16:00, followed by confessions.

Matins of Holy Saturday 19:00 – followed by confessions.

Pascha night will be in St John’s, Canton.

Confessions for non-locals from 10:30 – no long confessions given possible numbers.

Saturday: Midnight Office at 23:30.

Sunday: Procession at 00:00, followed by the Paschal Liturgy and blessing of baskets.

So that we have a Paschal service in Nazareth House, we will celebrate the Agape Vespers on Sunday afternoon, at 14:00.

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