Holy Week and Pascha in Cardiff

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am now able to able finalise the following services for Holy Week and Pascha, all of which will take place in the Church of St Mary the Virgin, North Church St, Butetown, CF10 5HB. 

We are most grateful to Father Dean for his continuous generosity in opening the doors of St Mary’s to us once more. It is a very special place, in which many of our parishioners feel very much at home.

As I am required to attend the Service of Holy Unction in the Cathedral, we will regrettably be unable to hold a service on Wednesday evening. The Service in Chiswick will commence at 18:15.

Unction will be performed after other Holy Week Services, using the oil blessed at the Hierarchical Service in the Cathedral. As this is a Holy Mystery, all receiving unction must prepared with a recent confession.


Holy and Great Thursday:

The Service of the Twelve Passion Gospels (Matins of Holy Friday) 20:00


Holy and Great Friday:

Vespers and the bringing out of the Plashchanitsa 16:00

The Burial Service of the Lord (Matins of Holy and Great Saturday 19:30


Holy and Great Saturday:

The Midnight Office (Rush Service), Procession and Matins of the Resurrection and Paschal Liturgy and blessing of Paschal Food 23:30


Daytime services will be celebrated in Llanelli, and announced on Fr Luke’s Service Schedule, which we will share on our Facebook page.

All wishing to confess this week, should email by Wednesday evening: otetzmark@hotmail.com

Given George’s baptism this Saturday, I will not be in Cardiff to hear confessions in Deacon Mark’s office, and scheduled confessions will be in St Mary Butetown from 18:00, on Friday.

I will confess some parishioners whilst making visits, and anyone wishing to confess in preparation for Holy Unction and Paschal Communion, may also do so after Sunday’s Liturgy.

Palm Sunday Liturgy will be in St John’s, Canton, following the Hours at 11:00.

May God bless you all.

In Christ – Hieromonk Mark



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