Blessed are you, O Upper Room, so small

in comparison to the entirety of creation;

yet what took place in you

now fills all creation –

which is even too small for it.

Blessed is your abode, for in it was broken

that Bread which issues

from the blessed Wheat Sheaf,

and in you was trodden out

the Cluster of Grapes that came from Mary

to become the Cup of Salvation.


Blessed are you, O Upper Room;

no-one has ever seen

nor ever shall see, what you beheld:

Our Lord became at once

The Altar, Priest, Bread, and Cup of Salvation.

In His own person

He could fulfil all these roles;

none other was capable of this:

Whole Offering and Lamb,

Sacrifice and Sacrificer,

Priest and the One destined to be consumed.

St Ephrem the Syrian

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