Ascensiontide Baptism at St Nicholas-in-the-Vale

Having celebrated a joyful and well attended Ascension day Liturgy in the church of St Mary the Virgin, in Butetown, it was a wonderful to sustain the feast with the baptism of Melangell (Menna), in St Nicholas.

A short distance from the medieval parish church, in the garden of what was once the church hall, the trees sheltered us from both sun and wind, as the baptismal waters were blessed; as Melangell was anointed with the oil of the catechumens before her immersion in the baptismal waters; and her chrismation and tonsure.

It was an occasion of great joy and celebration, followed by a baptismal tea – with a Welsh-Sicilian ‘baptismal-cake’ – then a musical interlude in the house, where Melangell played the harp, and Aldhelm entertained with traditional Dorset dance tunes on the accordion – including a specially composed Dorset jig for the occasion… though we were content to tap our feet and continue drinking tea, rather than responding in a more energetic fashion.

We thank Melangell for her great hospitality and the warmth with which all were welcomed in St Nicholas, and likewise thank the congregation, who in services and the catechism group, have welcomed Melangell into the community with equal warmth and generosity.

May the Lord grant the newly enlightened handmaiden of God, Melangell, many years!

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