This Coming Sunday

Dear brothers and sisters,

Even though I am happy to say that my blood-pressure is much lower and my health situation is improving, I do not feel the celebration of the Divine Liturgy is yet possible, so this weekend will see a repeat of last weekend’s liturgical arrangements.

Again, we will begin at 11:00 and celebrate the Hours and Typika (Obednitsa), with Communion administered from the reserved Holy Gifts. I hope that subsequently, after a second week of rest, we will return to the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.

I am very grateful to all of who have sent messages over the last week, and even more to those who have been praying for my health, including our young men on pilgrimage in Greece. May God bless you all!

Sunday will see major disruption to transport, as so many roads will be closed for the Cardiff half-marathon, so please consult the map at the following link:

We look forward to the veneration of the Cross at the end of our service, celebrating the Sunday after the Exultation.

Asking your prayers.

In Christ – Fr Mark

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