The week ahead…

Dear brothers and sisters, 

Christ is Risen! Христос воскресе! Hristos a înviat! Χριστός ἀνέστη! 

Sunday was a particularly joyful Liturgy as we welcomed the latest arrivals from Ukraine, welcomed the newly-enlightened Georgije, belatedly greeted Deacon Mark and Yuriy for their name-days and celebrated matushka Alla’s birthday. 

Attendance was very good and trapeza a place of lively socialising and fellowship, and warm and friendly conversations: a great blessing. 

We will celebrate the spring feast of St Nicholas this coming Sunday, with the Hours at and Liturgy at 11:00, commemorating the translation of his relics from Myra to Bari. 

Having resumed catechesis at St Mary’s Church, North Church Street, Butetown, last week, we will meet in the parish room at the usual time of 19:00 this coming Friday continuing with reflections on the Holy Spirit. 

I will hear confessions before the study group and would appreciate those wishing to confess to email by Wednesday night – – thanking those who have already contacted me.  

As usual, I will be able to hear confessions for parishioners communing on Sunday, but after a long time confessing before last Sunday’s Liturgy, we must move some confessions/communions to after the Liturgy. Time is so short before the Liturgy that we must be careful with the time. Canonically the Liturgy must begin before noon, and people are already fasting for a long time after long journeys for some communicants. 

Having recently baptised George, we look forward to Menna’s baptism on Saturday 4 June, when she will baptised with the name Melangell – just in time for her name-day. We look forward to further baptisms in the near future, and will shortly be making another student a catechumen.

Finally – tomorrow is the feast of mid-Pentecost, and the Divine Liturgy will be celebrated at 10:00 in the Chapel of St David and St Nicholas, at 11 New Rd, Dafen, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA14 8LS.

The chapel is in the rear garden, and access is through the house and conservatory.

May God bless you all. 

In Christ – Hieromonk Mark 

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