The Coming Weekend

Sunday 13/26 December:

Confessions: 10:15

Divine Liturgy & Moleben to St Spyridon the Wonderworker: 11:00

Dear brothers and sisters,

Western holiday celebrations and family obligations complicate the confessional front this coming weekend, and we know that family duties also overshadow fasting for those with loved ones with new-calendar celebrations. As a result, I anticipate that the number of communicants will be lower, with the expectation that those who relax the fast for family celebrations on Saturday, will not commune on Sunday.

We remind those respecting western seasonal celebrations with their families to be circumspect and moderate!

There will be limited time for confession in Cardiff this weekend – between entering St John’s at 10:15 and the Hours at 11:00. Thus, anyone confessing will be bound by time and the needs of others.

I would still like anyone confessing to email in advance, so that the clergy are aware of numbers, and confessions may be heard by arrangement on any day in the chapel in Llanelli. Email:

Finally, I would like to give advance warning that from 27 December, refreshments will not be permitted to be served in places of worship of the Anglican Diocese of Llandaff, so those coming from afar will need to be prepared, with packed lunches.

This week’s Advent Moleben will be held on Wednesday at 19:00 in the parish room, Church of St Mary the Virgin. Bute Street / North Church Street, Cardiff, CF10 5HB. Due to changing covid regulations, we may zoom the Moleben the following week.

The variables for Sunday Liturgy may be found here:

May God bless and protect you and give you good strength in these days of the Nativity Fast.

In Christ – Fr Mark