Greetings for Trinity! Поздравления с Троицей!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings as we celebrate Pentecost-Trinity, and sincere thanks to all who worked very hard to ensure such a joyful and festive Troitsa at St John’s, where we celebrated the Liturgy before a lunchbreak outside and the return to church for the Kneeling Vespers.

It was lovely to see the faithful holding flowers and greenery, something we always did in the podvorie in Birmingham, and our parish sisters worked hard to provide young and old with posies, as well as bringing flowers, sweet herbs, birch, other greenery and a beautiful floral icon-frame and arrangements for the main icons, arranged by matushka Alla. The clergy were provided with bunches of roses and greenery.

Again, it was inspiring to see how many people thought nothing of driving from Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, and the willingness of one of the Cheltenham parishioners to make the journey by train. There is nothing convenient or easy in undertaking such journeys and a long day before making the return trip. This exemplary effort should inspire us all – particular those who live near, yet neglect the Liturgy and feasts of the church.

The unity and cohesion of our extended community is a bond, gifted to us by the Holy Spirit, whose  indwelling preserves and secures the unity of the Church. We felt this, as we celebrated the birthday of the Church and this bond was evident in Liturgy and prayer, in sharing food and drink, in conversation, in the exchange of gifts of treats and flowers that is now so characteristic of our community.

May this fellowship of the Holy Spirit grow and flower in our lives, and as we contemplate the self-giving love that flows between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we pray that the love between the members of our community may grow in power and depth.

Поздравления с праздником!

May the Holy Trinity bless and protect us, always. Amen.

In Christ – Hieromonk Mark


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