Prayer against Passions, Torments, Despair and Distress

Prayer of St Nikolaj (Velimirovic) to the Most-Holy Theotokos

Petrovskaya Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God: Cell of Hieromonk Mark.

Holy Royal-Martyrs, pray to God for us!

When thou, O martyred Tsar, wast imprisoned by those who contend against God, thou didst have great joy with thy Tsaritsa and children when the minister of God visited thee to perform the divine services. Such a pious Tsar and anointed one of God did a great many of the people reject, for they were not mindful of the word of God which calleth upon all to honour the ruler; and the wrath of God came upon us all. Wherefore, in repentance we cry out: O Lord, through the intercession of the great passion-bearer, the martyred Tsar, grant Thou to the suffering Russian land deliverance from those who contend against God and the restoration of the throne of our Orthodox tsars.Continue reading

The Feast of the Royal-Martyrs

“Why was Tsar Nicholas II persecuted, slandered and killed? Because he was Tsar, Tsar by the Grace of God. He was the bearer and incarnation of the Orthodox world view that the Tsar is the servant of God, the Anointed of God, and that to Him he must give an account for the people entrusted to him by destiny, for all his deeds and actions, not only those done personally, but also as Tsar. . . Thus did the Orthodox Russian people believe, thus has the Orthodox Church taught, and this did Tsar Nicholas acknowledge and sense. He was thoroughly penetrated by this awareness; he viewed his bearing of the Imperial crown as a service to God. He kept this in mind during all his important decisions, during all the responsible questions that arose. This is why he was so firm and unwavering in those questions about which he was convinced that such was the will of God; he stood firmly for that which seemed to him necessary for the good of the realm of which he was head.”Continue reading

Greetings for the feast!

Dear brothers and sisters,

A very joyful and blessed feast to you, as we celebrate the feast of the Holy Chiefs of the Apostles, Peter and Paul. We especially remember our parishioners, Peter, and the three Pauls in our Cardiff and Llanelli communities. May God grant you many, blessed years!Continue reading

Video Homily on Sunday of All Saints of the British Isles

“Britain will become an Orthodox country again when its people rediscover their Saints”

Following todays Liturgy Father Mark talks on the rich history of the Saints of the British Isles. In Wales there are many clues and signs leading us to the lives of the Saints, how do we learn more and how do we incorporate Holiness into our lives.

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